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In The Sheltering Sanctus Of Minerals

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  2. Final track ‘In Sheltering Sanctus Of Minerals’ captures the interplay between Vainio’s guitar – stuttering, jangling, faltering and then settling into a controlled drone – and Nordwall’s held tones on the Hammond, a brief hissing sound in the background not unlike the pistons and air compressors that litter many Neubauten recording and providing a tentative rhythm of the most oblique fashion.
  3. 7 In the Sheltering Sanctus of Minerals Buy. WAV / FLAC $; MP3 $; Touch. Artist Strafe F.R. ReleaseProduct Shadow Position Label Touch Catalogue Number TONE68 Release Date November 22, 4 Tracks LP Download Artist Eleh ReleaseProduct Living Space Label Touch Catalogue Number.
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  5. Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall - Monstrance - Alloy Ceremony / Live at the Chrome Cathedral / Midas in Reverse / Irkutsk / Praseodymium / Promethium / In the Sheltering Sanctus ofMinerals. Label: Ideal Recordings. Catalogue number: iDEAL Available to buy on Vinyl Record. Find more tracks by Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall - Monstrance and more releases on Ideal Recordings.
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  8. In the 2nd part, the duo communicate in reverberant, hollow knocks and guttural bass waves on ‘Irkutsk’, leading to a moment of raw, staggering poignancy with the shimmering primitivism of ‘Praseodymium’, leading each other in acres of negative space, with needled strings creating a fine tension that dissolves into the funereal, floating tones of ‘In The Sheltering Sanctus of Minerals’ in a sort of blue, etheric and almost ecclesiastic .

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