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Humanity - Achromatic Cold - Existence, Interwoven (CDr, Album)

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  1. Mongolian herders are used to cold winter, but very few if any remember one like this one, the harshest in living memory. Khurmatai, who like many herders goes by one name, told Eurasianet that even when it was very cold, like in , “there was grass under the snow.” However, “This year there is .
  2. Aug 18,  · Kissinger’s mission triggered a diplomatic revolution. Renewal of US-Chinese relations shifted the global balance of power at the Cold War’s height, and prepared the way for China to open its economy – the decision that, more than any other, has defined today’s world.
  3. - AVERSION TO MANKIND "Ways to Non-Existence" CD - AZEL'S MOUNTAIN "Azel's Mountain" MCD - BELETH / MOONTOWER / WINGS OF WAR "Bestial Holocaust" Split CD - BESATT "Black Mass" CD - BESTIAL WARLUST "Blood & Valour" Deluxe Digi CD Reissue w/ Gold Disc - BESTIAL WARLUST "Storming Bestial Legions Live '96" CD - BEYOND THE GRAVE "Devil's Venom" CD.
  4. Tim Six – New Album Released (ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ – CDr/Digital) It is generally believed that noise is the creation of human hands, while nature is even more full of noise simply of a different kind. Such an actual problem of “sound ecology” as opposes urban noise to either sounds of nature, or just silence – while silence in nature is.
  5. Alphaxone serves us a warm and inviting album about the contrast between the dystopian and the dream of a better future among the stars. With a breath of fresh air from the oxygen tank you gaze over the rooftops towards a red sky. The colonization ship glimmers, leaving for dreams of a better future. Below, the city has turned dead silent after.
  6. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES & PHOTOS OF PARTICIPANTS AND SALON STAFF MICHAEL DOWD - convener of first three Evolutionary Salons - organizing and process design teams - The Great Story The idea of convening Evolutionary Salons like this came to me in the spring of , after reading John Stewart's book, Evolution's Arrow twice in one week. (I had also recently read Robert Wright's book, .

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