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Villain - Gated - Dust&Loops (Cassette, Album, MP3, Album)

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  1. Recorded on a four-track cassette recorder from January to October , the album borrows its title from the Solebury Township, Pennsylvania apartment in which it was recorded. The duo's use of drum machines, pitch-shifted guitars and vocals and drug-laced humor became a trademark part of their sound.
  2. The eleven songs are interpretations of favorites from his catalog done bluegrass style. JOHN RICH plans to open two more Redneck Riviera bars this year — one in Las Vegas, the other in Nashville. For LUKE BRYAN, his art isn’t his vocal range or the types of songs he sings but rather the ability to get people together in the name of having.
  3. Lynn -- who is set to release Full Circle, her first studio album in over 10 years, on March 4 -- has a long history of success on the Billboard charts, with a total of 29 top 10 albums on the Top Country Albums chart (11 of which went to No. 1 on the list, the second-most among female artists).
  4. Iron Man. There was a time when Iron Man, maker and wearer of a flying super-strong suit of armor, had a rotary phone built into his armor. (This was the same era when said armor was powered by that wonder of the age, the transistor.); In Tales of Suspense #50, Iron Man uses a slide ruler calculator built into his armor's gauntlet.; Batman and Robin have been known to use a hotline to talk to.
  5. Suthern Merchandise was a rap group and a record label in that came from San Antonio, Texas. This album is one of the most rarest Texas rap albums out there along with Lil Sin's FBD, P.K.O.'s Armed and Dangerous, and Jhiame's Screamin' Dat Pimpin'! This album has super heavy bass, doo-dooism, gangsta rap, Rock, sex, and heavy guitars.
  6. Part I is long time sold out, part II has never been released on cassette and part III is so far unreleased. All 3 are reunited here, this is the ultimate super-limited edition (20 copies) of Dust&Loops on cassette. The package include a pro-dubbed C60 cassette, the digital version of the 3 albums and a sticker.
  7. Kranky is an independent record label, located in Chicago, Illinois. It was started in by Bruce Adams and Joel Leoschke. The bands it houses are noted for combining experimental and often electronic influences with elements of more traditional rock structures, and many of the artists on Kranky are inspired by or revolve around ambient, psychedelic, and experimental music.
  8. These are but a handful of the best P s y c h e d e l i c albums that have crossed my table. Not all Psych Music is created equal, the variations within the genre are endless. For me, great Psych music is hazy, wobbly, full-bodied, liquid, textured and rich, designed to enhance an altered state of consciousness without the shouting freakouts and unanticipated overtures of uncomfortableness.

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