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Yes Sir - Henry Fiats Open Sore - The Parallel Universe Of (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. Notes: This story is a continuation of my earlier work, Flying To Wyoming. It contains numerous references to the events of that volume. If you haven’t read that story yet, you should consider doing it just so you’re up to speed and aren’t caught off guard a few paragraphs from now when Ellie whips out a double-barreled shotgun that you don’t remember her having in the game.
  2. Henry Fiats Open Sore: Patmos Or Bust: Wrench: Hero Dishonest: Climbing Up On The Way Down: If Society: Split Clear/Brown Vinyl: Crass: Yes Sir I Will: Crass: Crass: Penis Envy: Crass: Crass: The Feeding Of The The Heat Death Of The Universe: Earth Water Sky Connection: Off With Their.
  3. * placing adapters onto the original LP ACME connector, so LP bottles with DIN connector can be used. * placing 2 28 liter European LP bottles that can be filled at the pump. (automatically stops filling @ 80% = 22 liter = gallon) Most European bottles are trade-in bottles and different by country and is not very handy for an RV, if you ask me.
  4. Yes sir, I don't know about you, St Louis, Mo., in Hibiscus Park. Mar re.. sin T'e T II,SS 'saaplanarabexdunlemarozreparco.coinfo t the end that the registration I be required to bring order to had not been recorded "but registrants was occasioned b Jan the governor has the power to replace I Mar. ST 'I:2t: t
  5. This week on StoryWeb, Susan Glaspell’s play Trifles.. Born in , Susan Glaspell was a prominent novelist, short story writer, journalist, biographer, actress, and, most notably, playwright, winning the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for her play Alison’s House. She and her husband, George Cram Cook, founded the ground-breaking Provincetown Players, widely known as the first modern.
  6. I've had some fun with these type of threads on other forums. Basically you just say which song you are currently listening to. It's a great way to hear about other artists and maybe you'll add a few more songs to your playlist:). xx One Republic - Apologize Well im listening to the original and Timberland's remix on repeat xD, both well done.
  7. CF Electric Frankenstein, Up From The Streets 7" with Steve on vocals green marbled vinyl cover by Mark Devito (Metallica's artist) Up From The Streets; Razor Blade Touch. CF El Diablo, Texas/+he $ CDEP. 13 Gears.
  8. At the 59th Parallel in winter, the Pacific coast plays host to numberless floes and minor bergs orphaned from Alaskan coastal glaciers. Hero cruised into a watery gridlock on a boat of ice-glazed birches, one bit of flotsam among the rest. The cold wouldn’t let him move, .

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